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A fae girl on the run. A cruel winter soldier who left her for dead. And a mysterious castle that may ruin them both.

Eighteen-year-old Kolfinna is a fae, a near extinct race of “heartless” monsters. The Hunters, the military, and the Royal Guard all want her dead for the murder she committed last year.

When Kolfinna is finally caught by the Royal Guard, they offer her a choice other than death: help them search for magical artifacts in an ancient fae ruin and they’ll erase her crimes. The catch? No one has made it out of the ruins alive. The other catch? The wicked Blár Vilulf will be there. The same powerful ice soldier who maimed her and left her for dead last year.

But evil monsters, strange writings, and ancient magic lurk within the crumbling walls of the castle. Kolfinna might be the key to surviving in the ruins, but she’ll have to cooperate with Blár and learn about her own dormant abilities if she wants to save them all.

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Her royal duty may protect her, but all that glitters is not gold.  

Kolfinna has survived the Eventyrslot ruins and won her illustrious position with the Royal Guard, but she soon discovers her new life may not be all it’s cut out to be. With the Hunter’s Association gaining influence and more enemies trying to take her status away, she’s one mistake away from losing her position—and her life.

The looming threat of the hunters isn’t her only problem—strange and powerful monsters are encroaching on the border, and when Blár approaches her with a request from the military to investigate, Kolfinna realizes this is the opportunity she needs to prove her loyalty and keep her position.

But the monsters at the border are more vicious and ancient than anyone could have imagined, and the secrets bordering the fae lands may uncover a devastating truth that will change Kolfinna’s life forever.