Street Team

What’s a street team? A street team is a group of dedicated fans who love to share about a particular author (or any other fanbase!) or author(s)’ series/books and spread the word about it! For an author, the street team usually shares, talks about, and hypes up their latest book or series. For authors, this word of mouth is SO important to spread the news about their books, because there are millions of books out every year, and it’s so hard to compete with all of them. But when you have a street team who’s enthusiastic about your work and shares/shares/shares, it is immensely helpful!

So what are the responsibilities for those on the street team? 

  • participate in my book tours
  • share with family and friends
  • ask your local library to order my book(s)
  • help build up excitement during releases by sharing my cover reveals, title reveals, and when the new book releases
  • join in on social media posts to boost announcement and engagement
  • review my book(s) as soon as possible with your honest opinion and thoughts on Amazon, Goodreads, and other retailers

Those who join my street team will be given priority for ARCs (Advance Reader Copies), however, this does not guarantee you will be chosen for an ARC. 

Still interested? Join here in my Facebook group!